I finished Sunbreak.

Ravelry tells me that I started it on July 19, 2011. I remember starting it at a Craft Camp. I used one of Kate‘s stitch markers for the centre and ended up taking it home with me. I returned it on the next camp, don’t worry. I think I finished the centre bit that camp, because I remember frantically making up little bobbins to do the rays, as everyone was packing up to leave.

For a while after that it looked like this

I couldn’t really knit it on public transport, so I watched a lot of Qi and That Mitchell and Webb Look while knitting this part of it. This part was sometimes hair-pullingly complex, but I can genuinely say (at this remove) that it was fun. I would do it again, no matter how lacking in calm wisdom I sound in this other post.

The reason it was so tangly was that I didn’t want a lot of floats behind the rays. Because the yarn is crepe ply, not wooly, they showed through and it was hard to keep them neat. So I basically did intarsia. Each little section of colour was its own bobbin. I remember getting very frustrated at how lumpy and imperfect it was looking, but I decided that a bit of bumpiness was ok. Eventually I got to the end of the short rays and it did get a lot easier then.

And then you knit each corner to square off the shape. It’s been long enough that I can’t remember the details of this, but I remember thinking that it was very elegantly designed. I remember a few head scratching moments of confusion, but I trusted in the pattern and it worked out lovely.

Then you block the middle bit like lace. It’s knit on fairly large needles, so it spreads out a lot. I didn’t get exactly the recommended size, so I just blocked it till it was even, and a nice proportion.

The centre is 76cm x 110cm. Flickr tells me that I blocked it in early February 2012. I started knitting the border, although after a whole blanket I wasn’t super excited about that. I decided to knit the longest sides first.

Then, on March 30, disaster struck. I know it was then because that’s the date of the email from me to the Clean Person at the hairpin, saying ‘HALP! I have ink on my knitting!’ A pen leaked on my bag and there was a splodge of ink, right at the beginning of the longest border edge that I’d almost finished. Clean Person Jolie was very helpful but although the ink was reduced, it was still present and I knew it would always bother me. So I ripped it out.

Then I didn’t knit anything at all for almost a year. I picked it up again in January this year. Because a summer of repeated 40 degree heatwaves is clearly the best time to knit. But also, I started it when I found out that my best friend was pregnant. It’s not for her kid, it’s for her. But he’s about to turn one and I thought it would be nice to have it for her by then. Not to mention that I intended to knit something for her 30th which was in February but obviously I am working on a year’s delay here.

So anyway. I turned up to craft camp this time with the blanket, two long edges, and half of a short edge. I finished the first short edge that first Friday there, and sewed on everything I had, so I only had one short edge to go. I was DETERMINED to finish it.

On the Sunday night I had the edge about five rows from completion when I gave up and went to bed. On Monday morning I steam blocked it and sewed it on. And then we had a little photoshoot.

I am SO pleased with it. I love it. The border gives it a nice heft, and it’s as snuggly as you could not-want in the heat we’ve been having. I am so pleased to finally be finished, and I’m really pleased with it as a piece of work, and proud of my own skill.

With the border it is 93cm x 120cm. I lost track of the amount of yarn I used, because of the shenanigans with the bobbins, but it weighs just over 900g, so I’d say I used 4 and a bit balls of blue (Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic in Tasman), and maybe a quarter of a ball of the yellow, which is an unknown yellow in Classic that I bought at their mill. Which is a shame because it’s a lovely colour, unlike all the standard yellows they offer which are palid and sad.

I’ll be giving it to its owner this evening and I hope she likes it.

Ravelry link.


My best friend had her baby. He is tiny and looks like an adorable goblin. He officially has a name, as of the weekend. And he has this jacket, which it’s possible that he might fit in about a year (he’s swimming in 00000s at the moment).

Pew-whatever cardigan. Lovely pattern, although the formatting on the pdf was a bit whacky and made it hard to read. But hey, it’s free, and more importantly the actual instructions are well written and easy to follow. Will definitely be knitting this again, possibly with embroidery or intarsia additions to the front.

I also finished of another Aviatrix hat, because it was on some needles that I wanted to use.

Also a lovely pattern, took me two day’s commutes to finish up.

I still haven’t finished the edging of that blanket, though. I’ve got two sides of the border done, and there’s been no movement on that front for a while. I did have my wisdom teeth out last Thursday, so I’ve been drugged up to the eyeballs, which I think is a fair excuse, but it’d be nice to have it to give to her maybe when her mum goes home a bit after Easter (Oh shit, that’s weekend  after next), or a similar time. We’ll see. That might be my knitting mantra – we’ll see.


Dreamt about packing for craft camp last night. Dream me is more organised than real me. On the plus side, it was nice to have decided what fabric to bring without having to take time out of my day.

I realised the other day that Sewjourn is my happy place. Specifically the driveway. Ok, that sounds weird, let me explain. I can picture myself here:

Or here:

It’s a liminal space – in between, a gateway, a crossroads. There’s not much going on, so I can create it well in my mind’s eye. It’s quiet, and clean, and bright. And whichever way I’m going, I’m on the way both to and from something lovely. I’m heading back from the studio after a morning of making and chatting and laughing, to a delicious meal, or a quiet contemplative bath. Or maybe I’ve been reading in the house and I’m heading back to be with my crafty family. There is joy and love and comfort waiting for me. Probably I am still chuckling about something someone said as a parting shot as I slipped out of the studio, or I have my head down thinking about what I am going to make when I get back there.

If I am in my real life, and I need a breath of fresh air or a moment of calm, that is what I picture. This view:

Or this one:

I’ve needed it this week, too, that dose of calm, that deeper breath. There have been several infuriating meetings and the like. Good thing I’ll be back there soon, to restock my supply of calm.

I also dreamt that I went to the fat fashion swap in Melbourne. When I found out about it, I seriously considered flying in for the day to go to it. I am not going to do that, but maybe some of you would be interested. Here is the facebook page with the information.

In less literal dreams, I finished Abby’s blanket that I was knitting for my bestie’s child.

I did, of course, make an error in the lace. I got off by a few stitches, for a few rows, and didn’t notice for a while. I set my chin and refused to tink back, because I was on a deadline, and my bestie is of the ‘that’s how you know it was handmade with love’ school of thought. I kind of wish I’d fixed it. Or at least taken close ups of a different part of the blanket.

It’s actually quite hard to spot in real life – I’m not fooling myself either. While it was blocking I looked for it so I could fret over it, as you probe a sore tooth. It took me a good minute to locate it.

Blanket ravelry details here.

Said baby was due on Sunday, as I was blocking the blanket. It’s still not here, and I’d appreciate it holding out a little while longer. I finished a matching Puerperium cardigan on the bus this morning. I brought needles and buttons to work and I’m going to finish the finishing at lunch, and then drop the two of them over tonight.

I requested that the baby not come this weekend, while I am away. On reflection, though, that would be fine – the respective families are going to descend and wouldn’t get a chance to smuggle the much awaited brie into the hospital for a while, anyway. So this weekend is fine, just… wait a few more hours, baby. The knitting is not ready yet.


I didn’t get that job. But I got some really great feedback and there’s another position at the same place that they’ve asked me to apply for. So I feel, all in all, that it was positive.

I started knitting the second baby blanket. I decided I was better off getting her the kid’s blanket, so she had something nice to wrap the baby in in the first few weeks. Sunbreak is pretty big and heavy, I think it’s going to be more of a playmat/cot blanket, so there’s less rush. I’m knitting Abby’s Blanket by Kristin Kapur. Like all her patterns, it’s wonderfully knitting, and a perfect blend of simple, elegant and complex. Loving it so far – I’m up to the second repeat of the lace. I’m knitting it from Bendigo Rondo, which is a machine washable one but is twist plied not crepe. I like it a lot, it’s soft and smooshy. The colours are their regular pastelly ones, but somehow are less flat than usual, I guess because the base is nicer? I think the ‘lime zest’ is the same dye mix as the ‘pistachio’ alpaca, but it’s much less insipid. I’m using Lime zest for the inside, I’m just going to knit until I’m out, and then Ocean spray for the border, and I’ll just knit until it’s a decent size. But I’m thinking of this as more of a car seat/wrap blanket, so it shouldn’t be too big to be unwieldy.

That’s been my evening couch knitting. But I’m knitting the sunbreak border on my commute. I’m managing an average of 3 repeats of the cable each way. 27″ down. 161″ to go. That’s still a good 5″ a day, though, so I’m feeling ok about the whole thing.

The centre of the sun

I’ve been diligently knitting away on Sunbreak.

It’s not finished yet. It’s 47″ by 37″. That’s 168″ of edging to be knit – well, a bit more, counting corners.

It’s taking me about a half hour an inch.

So another 5040 minutes of knitting. 84 hours. Plus seaming. Not that I’m counting.

The recipient is due on the 4th of March. I don’t know if anyone realises, but that’s three weeks away.

Well, 20 days. That’s 4.2 hours of knitting needed per day. At least. My commute is two hours a day, and I can knit for most of it. Even so, that’s a lot of stitches.

Well, it’s a first pregnancy. It’s bound to be overdue, right? RIGHT?

Some actual information:

  • I blocked it out pretty hard, as per the instructions. They tell me that the size I’m knitting should be 43.5″ by 51.5″ but I just blocked it until it was stretched, and then evened up the sides. The drape is really lovely, and the heavier middle and heavier cabled sides are going to make it even better, I think.
  • The pattern is amazing, and really clever, but I struggled with a few bits. It’s clear enough for the advanced knitter it assumes you are, but there were one or two points where I could have used a hint. Once I remembered that the bumpy side is actually the right side, though, it all came good.
  • Ravelry tells me I’ve been knitting this since the end of July. Six months, or so. Not too bad, really, especially as it reached maximum lap warming size about the time the first heatwave hit Adelaide this summer.
  • I say the recipient is due in March, but that’s not true. This one’s not for the kid. It’s for its mum. She’s my oldest friend, apart from my cousins, and I wanted to give her something that showed her how much I appreciate her, and all the warm sunny thoughts I have for her future.
  • I was going to knit another blanket for the actual baby. I still intend to. I think maybe someone should call a psychiatrist for me, or something.
  • Doing the centre was freaking painful. There was swearing. There was an email to the intended recipient that read ‘I’m making you a blanket, and it’s going to be shit’. There was ripping out and restarting and darning in of ends. And it’s not perfect. But I am so, so happy with it. Like our friendship, there are dodgy patches and a wonky seam and a couple of ends poking out, but the overall effect is stunning, if I do say so myself. Besides being cozy and warm.
  • Brb, knitting.

Old FOs

I finally got around to sifting through photos from the last few months and putting some of them on the internet. Here are a couple of Fos I missed, plus one little new one.

First up is a pair of Genmaicha mitts for myself.

I knit a pair of these for my sister’s birthday in 2008. I really loved the pattern – the cabling is so interesting to work, and very neatly designed. In 2009 I cast on for a pair for me in this undyed Camel yarn, but they came out to small so I frogged them. I cast on again in April of this year, and worked on them in fits and starts. They were done in July, photographed in August, blogged in December. Not very timely mitts. But they are nice and warm, and soft although the long hairs make them a teeny bit itchy on my wrists. I got a good month’s worth of wear out of them before it got warm enough not to need them. I’m glad to have them ready for next year, though.

Next up is the cowl that I knit from S.

I knit it from Malabrigo and the original plan was to knit it long enough to be a snood/hood thing. But that didn’t work out – it would have to have been wider and maybe double-wrapped, which he didn’t want. As it is, it’s tall enough to keep the top of his neck warm if need be.

Terrifying. I did offer to knit a matching beanie out of the leftovers, but he was uninterested.

I’ve always wanted to try brioche stitch, so I looked up the instructions, swatched, worked out how wide I wanted it (100 stitches for about a 32″ circumference), and went to it. Brioche. Lovely and smooshy. Would knit again.

The last is a more up to the minute FO. A pair of ‘better than booties’ that I knit for my Boss’ baby shower, which was last Saturday.

I’ve knit this pattern before, both times in the ‘ruffle cuff’ variation. Very neat pattern. I might try to whip up a few pairs (maybe try one or two of the other variations, which are also sweet) for generic baby gifting. I wish I liked baby knits more. She says, contemplating the baby blanket that has possibly fallen into some sort of time portal and will just absorb all the knitting hours without getting closer to being finished. Hmmm, booties are looking promising.

One of these booties took me one day to knit – to and from work on the bus, and an evening on the couch. The other took one whole week’s worth of bus knitting. No need for the pattern being lugged around, although I did need paper to mark rows on.

Also, please to note the rhubarb leaf on which the booties are nestled. I grew it from seed, and then left it in its little pot a bit too long because I wasn’t sure where to plant it. All the places that would be good for rhubarbs are sort of in transition – waiting to be mulched or fenced. So I prepped a spare half a wine barrel with a bunch of rabbit poop, and planted it there. Within a week the leaves had burnt off, but I kept watering it in hope. It sprung back like WOAH. I took these photos on Thursday last week. Here it is, in its pot.

This is the disorganised side of the garden. My policy is, if it’s not in a garden bed, and it’s not poisonous or spikey, and it’s growing, it can stay. You can also see the sad passionfruit that shot up last summer during a heatwave, so that I missed training it properly, and the bed that is supposed to be the herb garden but that I need to fence because the chickens like taking dust baths there.

Anyway, I went out to water the rhubarb on Sunday and it’s now hanging over the edges of the pot. I swear it doubled in size in two days.

That rabbit poo is good stuff.

It lies

I’m talking about gauge. It’s giving me issues, right now.

I finished up S’s cowl and my lingering fingerless mitts on the weekend. They were both good autopilot knitting – not brainless, they both involved complicated stitches. Besides, knitting brainlessly is garter stitch is just asking for trouble. But I didn’t have to make any adjustments or decisions, and I needed something to sit down with in front of the fire in between frantically moving all of my crap from the damp, mouldering lean to into the surprisingly not as damp garage. Along with the accumulated crap of two other people (my sister and a friend, for whom I am storing a car’s space worth of stuff).

This is because the lean to is finally, FINALLY getting torn down and put back up again. Amongst much upping of quotes (it’s asbestos. Seriously, you would think they would WANT me to get rid of toxic materials. Not really incentivising me, here). The electrician is coming tomorrow to cut off the power to the lean to, which means that everything had to be out by tonight because there will be no lights in the backyard by which to haul crap around. And then Thursday the asbestos people are coming (grumble grumble grumble) and Friday the builders are starting. After that it really shouldn’t take too long. Hooray! Finally! A house that does not leak! And which is cold but maybe less chilly and clammy! And which I can vacuum all parts of without them immediately becoming gross again! And which I can put stuff against the walls of without water pooling underneath it!

However. That is not the actual point of this post. The point of this post is that lying liar. I’m talking, as I said, about gauge.

So I finished those two things. The active projects on my needles now are both colourwork. Which is great, I am loving it, but it’s not exactly bus knitting. Also, I think I’m going to rip out the colourwork bit of the blanket and try a different tactic because the floats are showing and it’s messy (f#*&ing crepe plied yarn). I looked at all my hibernating projects – all cotton or boring, hence the hibernating. I thought about casting something new on – I even bought a pattern! Then I realised that I had started Jaali. That I was excited about it. That I had put it down for some inexplicable reason.

That reason was gauge. Not getting gauge. I took that as my bus knitting yesterday and realised what I had realised before – that it seemed tight and awkward to knit on. Sure enough, three stitches extra over 4 inches. That’s quite a lot over a whole jumper. So I ripped it. I’ve cast the yarn back on as something different, which I think might actually be better for the yarn, and I was only a couple of inches (and a complicated cable border, but I enjoyed knitting that so it doesn’t count) in. The thing is, I swatched like the blazes for this one. I know I had gauge.

I got gauge this morning, too. I swatched for another fox, this time for my sister. It’s different yarn, a bit bulkier I think, so I knit up a quick swatch before casting on. Even though it’s a scarf and it doesn’t really matter. I am virtuous. I used the recommended needle, the needle I used with the smaller yarn last time. Too big. Way too big, three stitches off and the fabric was way too loose.

Went down a size. Still a stitch and a half too big.

Went down ANOTHER size. Still a weeny bit big, but the fabric was nice which is really the most important thing for this project. Good enough.

Cast on on the bus, got a couple of inches in… the fabric seems awfully tight. Folks, it’s two stitches over 4 inches short of gauge.

I SWATCHED. Three times. The knitting gods are testing me.

I’m going to keep knitting on the way home, which will give me a few more inches to judge if the fabric is too stiff. Otherwise, good enough. But I am worried about my colourwork projects. If I knit a whole colourwork mitten in sockweight yarn, and then it won’t go over an adult hand…

I wonder if it’s time to learn how to wrap the yarn over my finger. I’m a thrower, and I’ve never relearnt because I am fast and I always get gauge. But I tell you, it’s a pain doing colourwork like that.

Maybe this is an opportunity?


Foxy Loxy

Remember the fox stole that I wore to Sarah’s wedding and gave to her mum? I finally finished his replacement. Well, it’d been done for a while, but I hadn’t sewn the ends in. I finally did so I could wear him on my Melbourne trip. Here is the rav link.

I looooove him. (I suppose it could be a she – are vixens different colours or shapes? But somehow it’s a he). So snuggly and warm. Even if I DO get glares when I wear him in Adelaide. I don’t know, people.

Only received smiles when wearing him in Melbourne, though. Even when having an impromptu photoshoot in a carpark.

Although not from the man reliving himself in the corner of said carpark, which is what I’d just noticed here. Nice.

I really loved knitting this, even a second time. This time I made his body a bit longer, I think by about an inch. I also made the tail one increase longer/wider. I’m planning to knit ANOTHER one for my sister’s birthday next month – better get cracking on that, it has to be posted to Ireland. I’ll make it to pattern, because she has less neck for him to snuggle around.

I’d been in a bit of a knitting slump – idly doing a few rows here and there but not very enthused. The wool show kicked me out of that. I’m knitting a cowl for S out of Malabrigo. He wants it to be tall enough that he can pull it over his head, but I stopped knitting it last night because it’s getting a bit ridiculously massive, and I want to have him try it on before I go any further.

Instead I did a (teeny tiny, probably inadequate) swatch for some Mystery and Manners for my sister. They’re colourwork which kind of intimidates me.  They’ll definitely be an at-home project because there is a complicated chart. Well, it’s not that complicated, but it is different every row, and definitely needs to be spread out and concentrated on. I’ve got gauge with the suggested needles, but I had to pin it a bit to do so, so I’m not sure about it. But I think probably the size up would be too big. I’m knitting it in Morris Empire, which I bought on the trip. I was going to buy it during their sales – I’ve been plotting these mittens for a while, but waiting to hear if my sister is staying in Ireland to get use out of them. But in the end, it was too hard to pick colours over a screen. Plus I realised I would be going there, and could save myself the postage. I ended up choosing ‘daffodil’ and ‘kingfisher’ which are working really well together.

I also cast on Sunbreak for a baby blanket for a friend. I’m using the Bendigo Classic I bought last week. The yellow is just called ‘yellow’ and it isn’t on their colour card, which is a shame because it’s LOVELY. Not washed out and sad like usual Bendigo colours. I’m doing the sun in the middle in the yellow and the rest of the blanket in Tasman Blue. Hypothetically – we’ll see how I go when I get to the transition. I haven’t really thought it through, to be honest. Someone else on Ravelry has done an intarsia one with the same thing – yellow sun, blue blanket, but they did it in four parts and sewed to together. The pattern gives you options for doing it that way, or in the round, and I chose in the round. I’m a bit worried because the yarn isn’t fuzzy and forgiving and capable of hiding mistakes, but I’m sure it will be Good Enough. And if not, I can reassess. I’m about halfway through the centre of the sun and loving it. I realise this is the fun part, though.

I’ve got one and a half gloves of Genmaicha (rav link) in undyed camel which I really loved when I cast on. Now I’m just not sure. I’m not loving knitting them, and I’ve had some eczema on my hands this winter and I think the fuzzy camel would irritate it. I could really use some fingerless gloves right about now, though. But the contrast of having these new projects that I am in love with, and Genmaicha, which I love the pattern, and I love the yarn, but together… meh. Well, that’s not true. I do love the combination, I’m just not sure it’s for me. I don’t think the yarn would stand up well to ripping, though, so I guess I’ll finish them and maybe they’ll be ok.

But it is such a lovely feeling to be enjoying knitting again, and to be so excited about the projects on my needles.

WIP roundup

Just updating my ravelry page and I thought it would be nice (for me) to have everything in one place. Here’s what I have on the needles at the moment.

I cast on for Jaali, as mentioned earlier.

You cast on and knit a long row of cables, then pick up stitches from the side and knit up. Very neat. The body of the jumper is in reverse stocking stitch, so when I get to that part I’m going to see if I can work out how to do the cables backwards, so I can knit all the way instead of purling.

I have another fox on the go.

Body is done, head is halfway. The yarn is Moda Vera Mousse again, and the tail is Moda Vera Cardinal, which is 40% acrylic and feels exactly like knitting polyfill. Yuck. But it is the right colour and fuzziness, and I only need to knit a bit of it.

I have a glove and a half of Genmaicha for me

Well, sort of, I’m a bit worried I’ll run out of yarn so no thumb on the first one, yet. That way I can knit the thumbs in something different, if need be.

I’ve knit these before, for my sister.

And at the time I thought I’d knit another pair for me. It’s only taken three years. The yarn is undyed camel that I got at my first bendigo… hmm, sensing a pattern? I really like these, the cable pattern is lovely and the pattern is well written, as you can expect from Kristen Kapur. Really clever, clear pattern.

I have a back and almost a front of a Phyllo yoked pullover

Which is really boring to photograph, and I probably won’t knit on that until winter is over since it’s a cotton blend and I’m all about the wool right now.

And I have a secret thing I’m trying to work out from scratch

I’ll let you know how it goes. But it did necessitate learning double knitting, and holy CRAP that’s a cool technique. Plotting a double knitted tea cosy, once this is done.

And here is an FO from ages ago that I’ve only now managed to get photographed properly. It’s my Damson, and it’s a bit disappointing, really.

I ran out of yarn on the bind off row. The yarn was from my first Bendigo trip, and I’d bought Emma a skein of laceweight in the same colourway, so I asked if I could have as much of that as it took to bind off, and she very kindly said yes. However, it is a bit lighter – more pink than red – and the bind off is still a bit tight, so the thing curls like crazy and won’t sit flat. I’ve got a couple of things to steam block, so I might give that a go, but I don’t hold out much hope. I probably should unpick it and bind off again. When I first fished it I sort of shoved it in a srwaer to forget about it, but it’s been getting a bit of use this autumn with jackets and the like, as a scarf. And I certainly seem happy about it here.

Hmm, only five things on the needles. That’s not many! Better go cast on something else…

Wooly warmth

A while back I heard that Sara was incubating a child. Brilliant! I thought. Here is a chance to knit for a small one whose mother is a crafter, and yet not a Knitter, the perfect recipient of knitted things in terms of appreciation:effort ratio!

Pile o knits

I asked her when she was due, and she said February, but could I please knit for the coming winter. This was excellent as it gave me 1)the chance to knit something that might fit for more than one minute and 2) time to procrastinate. These two in combination are slightly problematic, but shoosh. Sara also asked (very politely) for red and grey, as gender neutral options. Red was easy, and I knit this moustache jumper first, out of leftovers from something else.

It was my first ever intarsia, and you can see that one side is pretty puckery. But I figure babies don’t care too much about that, and all in all I am pretty pleased with it. I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Wolf was a boy, because then it’s less ironic. But I know Sara will do her ironic best.

Of course, after I knit it I realised something very obvious. It is a pullover. And babies? Have large heads, and do not much like things being pulled over them. So I decided to knit another jumper, this time a cardigan. I settled on the garter stitch baby kimono, which turned out to be a really fun knit.

Those of you who remember me at craft camp, whining about how I never wanted to see any grey ever again, may be surprised to hear me say this. But it turns out, the problem wasn’t the colour, which I am actually quite taken with. The problem was that in order to find a nice grey in a superwash yarn, I had to buy Bendigo Classic, which is a crepe style yarn. This meant it was very splitty, and so I couldn’t really knit it without looking. Which is really one of the benefits of knitting a small baby jumper in garter stitch, so that was a bit frustrating.

I’m quite pleased with the green applied i-cord, which is from knittery yarn that I dyed myself. The buttons are from my stash, and I am also very impressed by my skills which enabled me to sew two round things on wonky. You wouldn’t have thought it was possible, would you?

I’ll give an honourable mention to my February Baby Sweater, which I cast on just before Wolf was born, maybe for him. But the yarn is a bit pink, and I thought best to leave that in my gift stash. But I’m going to show it off here.

And of course, babies need hats. So I made an aviatrix hat, which was a lot of fun, too. So fun that I cast on another one right away. It’s sitting in a basket on the shelf. I’ve done about three rows.

Ravelry tells me that this one took me three days to knit. Of course, it then took me almost a month to sew the buttons on. Sorry Sara!

Turns out hats aren’t made for ears:

And then I thought, you know. It’s not really fair that Wolf gets all the snuggly goodness. Also, I kind of want to buy some malabrigo. So I did, and then I knit a honey cowl out of it, for Sara.

Nothing for Tom, though. Sorry, Tom.

They were all sent off last week and now Sara and Wold have them, and she tells me they have a cold snap in Sydney too. It’s bloody freezing here. Luckily, I found a greatcoat in the op shop last week. It’s like wearing a blanket out of armour. I love it.

For the giving

Sorry those three buttons took so long, Sara. I hope they DO fit for more than ten seconds! I know how babies are, with their inconsiderate growing out of things. Hope I didn’t miss the window! And I hope all this keeps you and Wolf sunggly and warm, what with all the wool and all the good wishes I knit into them.